Seibon 99-06 Volkswagen Golf IV OEM Style Carbon Fiber Fenders – FF9904VWG4


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Shipping times from Seibon Carbon:

All products are shipped directly from Seibon Carbon warehouse shipping times are shown below.

3-4 business days for shipping prep

3-7 business days for shipping time for product to arrive at your door.

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Seibon Carbon components are carefully hand-crafted using only the finest materials. Our production team offers superior craftsmanship with over 15 years of experience working with carbon fiber.

Every component is constructed with a consistent weave pattern. Our production processes allow exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength. For a stunning finish, our products are coated with a glossy clear coat that does not chip or flake. We meticulously inspect all of our components and stand firmly behind our products so that you can enjoy peace of mind with every genuine Seibon Carbon product. 

Creating performance-oriented products that help shed unnecessary weight without sacrificing style is our specialty. Race after race, Seibon products have proven to be as strong as the driver’s ambition to win, thus making Seibon Carbon the preferred brand among professional drivers.

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How do you maintain your future carbon fiber product?

Your carbon fiber product is durable, but it still needs care and maintenance to stay looking good. More specifically, keep the products clean, minimize exposure to the sun, and wax when necessary. For carbon fiber hoods in particular, it is important that you use heat shields under the hood to avoid pre-mature aging. All Dry-Carbon products are sold RAW and consumers MUST protect the product upon receipt.

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Everything you need to know about Seibon Carbon, below.

[expand title=”Warranty and Disclaimer”]

Items sold by Seibon International, Inc. may not be legal for street use in all states. It is the buyer’s responsibility to comply with applicable state laws. Buyer understands that due to strict U.S. Federal and State safety crash guidelines, Seibon is not responsible or liable for any damages or possible injuries incurred upon possible accidents due to driver error, incorrect installations, bad judgment, or act of nature/God, Allah, Jehovah, etc. All products are intended for off-highway uses only, and should be used for their intended purposes only. Seibon does not take responsibility over buyer installation, modification, and unusual stress of the products. The buyer assumes all responsibilities for determining the suitability of the products. Seibon is not responsible for any damages incurred either directly or indirectly on the vehicles or operators/passengers within the vehicles.[/expand]

[expand title=”Seibon Fitment Guarantee”]

The following situations are fully covered under the Seibon Fitment Guarantee:


  • Hood does not clear a stock engine
  • Gap between the hood and the fenders are more than 1/2″ wide on each side
  • Hood levels more than 1/4″ higher or lower than the fenders
  • Latch is 1/16″ too long or too short than the stock latch, causing the hood not to latch
  • Please note that Seibon Carbon does not suggest re-installing gas hood shocks/dampers/struts.
  • Seibon does not guarantee fitment on cars that have been in involved in accidents and/or had body damages.
  • Seibon strongly recommends the use of heat shields. Damages to the hood that results from the absence of heat shields will not be covered under warranty.


  • Gap between the trunk and the rear fenders are more than 1/2″ wide on each side
  • Trunk levels more than 1/4″ higher or lower than the rear fenders.
  • Please note that Seibon Carbon does not suggest re-installing gas trunk shocks/dampers/struts.
  • Seibon does not guarantee fitment on cars that have been in involved in accidents and/or had body damages.


  • Length of the lip is 3/8″ too long or too short than the stock bumper[/expand]

[expand title=”Seibon Appearance Guarantee”]

The following situations are fully covered under the Seibon Appearance Guarantee: (Note that all Seibon carbon fiber products are hand-made, and small imperfections are inevitable. Claims guilty of abusing Seibon’s claims program will be denied immediately)

  • Heavy cloudiness under the clear coat (which is only visible under the sun. Seibon apologizes for not being able to QC every product under natural sun light)
  • Clear coat bubble larger than 3/8″ in diameter[/expand]

[expand title=”Seibon Clear Coat Guarantee”]

The following situations are fully covered under the Seibon Clear Coat Guarantee:

  • Clear coat changes color more than a full shade within 6 months (Note: like car paint, slight fading and discoloration is natural. The warranty only covers more extreme cases.)[/expand]

[expand title=”Installation”]

All products require professional installation. Buyer understands that some products may require modifications for correct fitment. Minor adjustments may be necessary as part of the normal installation process. All carbon fiber products will not sustain heavy force or weight, for they could be cracked by such force or weight. Seibon has made an effort to produce all its aftermarket products to fit the original factory vehicles as closely as possible. However, some occasional prepping may be necessary for an ideal fit. The buyer needs to perform these steps to his/her satisfaction before installation. If the buyer wishes to paint the products, he or she must pre-fit the parts to the vehicle before painting to ensure proper fit. There are absolutely no returns on painted products.[/expand]

[expand title=”Hood Pins”]

All hoods require hood pins for safety reasons. Seibon will not be liable for any damages to the product and the vehicle caused by not properly using hood pins.[/expand]

[expand title=”Defective Products”]

All products require professional installation. Minor adjustments might be necessary. These are normal body work and installation steps. Therefore it is NOT considered to be defective. In addition, most carbon fiber products are hand-crafted, and no two items will be identical. Small imperfections such as wavy weaves, small bubbles, and clear coat blemishes are inevitable. Pictures are required to demonstrate true defects on products prior to return. See below for information on our return policy.[/expand]

[expand title=”Returns”]

Special orders cannot be returned. If the buyer decides to return any part of the ordered item, he or she must contact the distributor who in turn can contact Seibon and receive a return authorization within three (3) days of receiving the parts. A Return Authorization number (RA number) will be issued to the buyer by Seibon, and it must be written on the outside of the packages being returned. Returned products must be received back at Seibon within 10 days of issuing the return authorization. There is no return for any parts that have been used, modified, painted, or installed. All returned products are subject to a 30% restocking fee, plus return-shipment charges. Original shipping and handling fees are not refundable. All products which are approved for return are for store credit only. All products returned must be in the original shipping carton in the same condition as it was originally delivered or shipped. Only the original buyer may request for a return of products. Defective items may be exchanged for the same item only. Upon receipt of returned parts, Seibon shall inspect the parts to determine their exact condition. If Seibon does not accept the goods as being defective and/or returnable, buyer must accept any incurred costs. All returns, regardless of the underlying reason, must be sent shipping prepaid. Any returns sent shipping collect or without RA number will be refused and returned to the buyer at his or her own expense. Shipping costs to and from the purchaser are not refundable. Buyer is advised to insure the returned goods for their full value for his or her own protection. Otherwise, neither Seibon nor the shipping company would be responsible for any damage or loss in shipment. Refund will not be issued on returned products that are damaged on the way back to Seibon.[/expand]

[expand title=”Shipping Errors”]

If the consignee receives an incorrect item due to Seibon error, consignee must inform the dealer within 3 days of receipt of shipment. Seibon will then issue a Call Tag to pick up the incorrect item(s) and ship the correct item(s) at no additional charges.[/expand]

[expand title=”Shipping and Backorders”]

Seibon tries to maintain a good stocking level in order to prevent backorders. However, in case a backorder is necessary, Seibon will ship the order as soon as the parts become available. Backorders must be canceled within five days from when the order is placed, or before when the parts become available, whichever is sooner. Otherwise, the parts will automatically be shipped to the buyer. Seibon tries to ship regular, in-stock items the following business day. Please allow 5-10 working days for in-stock items to arrive. All shipping dates are approximate. Buyer is fully responsible for all shipping charges, unless otherwise negotiated with Seibon. Shipping to residential addresses (as opposed to business addresses) will incur additional costs.[/expand]

[expand title=”Contingencies”]

Seibon shall not be liable for any failures to produce product to buyer when the cause of such failure is the result of the forces of nature, labor disputes, supplies or material shortage, acts of local, state, national, civil, or other authorities or public agencies; utility or communication failures, accidents, strikes, transportation problems, or any act or cause that does not normally occur in the ordinary course of Seibon’s business.[/expand]

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Weight40 lbs
Dimensions60 × 60 × 60 in


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