This is the ULTIMATE way to save cash for you and your team to do a large buy.

How it works

  1. Choose a specific brand you are interested in doing a group buy for. (Vis Racing for example only 1 brand per request)
  2. Choose ANY and ALL parts available by that brand. Does not matter make/year/model, which is a HUGE benefit to the type of group buys we run.
  3. Take down ALL part numbers wanted to ensure all parts are correct.
  4. Choose 1 specific address to ship to individually, this alone will save A LOT of money based on the amount of products purchased. 

If wanting to ship to separate addresses all over the USA/internationally, that is fine also. Regular shipping costs apply but will have a big discount on cost of product.

Local pick up is fine also. (Depending on manufactures location)


Please fill out all information below and we will get you setup with all the parts you are interested in for an amazing price!